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First of all, it affects how many health points the Dragonborn loses in the next battle. Well, in the second, of course, the appearance. Many players spend dozens of game hours on creating a character’s appearance and picking up a unique look. There are dozens of different sets in Skyrim, so you can definitely find the one you like the most. And if not, then there are always mods with thousands of variations for every taste, class and game style. All information was taken from the site

In Skyrim, the maximum character protection level is 567. This is the highest level of armor that you can get in a game without using cheats, a game console or mods. Scoring the right amount of points for the maximum value of protection is very difficult. Here you will need a full set of armor, which often gives tasty effects (+100 to armor, for example). Having reached the maximum protection rate, the protagonist will receive only 20% of the incoming damage. However, achieving an 80% damage reduction is not easy. Given the rather random appearance of things in chests, it often happens that a player cannot find the missing part of the kit. Or he doesn’t have enough resources or skill level to forge it on his own. What then to do, how to increase the rate of protection? Here magic will help us! First of all, you should pay attention to the dragon skin spell. With it, the hero will receive maximum armor, albeit only for a minute and a half. This ability is very popular among magicians who can’t wear heavy armor and suffer melee damage. This spell belongs to the “Change” branch. As a beginner or adept, you will have to use weaker variations of this ability, such as Oak Flesh, Stone Flesh, Iron Flesh, and Ebonite Flesh. They also increase your protection, although not to the maximum value. Change is a branch of magic that is quite difficult to pump. Here you can help the teacher, as well as special potions. You will hardly find them in the world, because they are very expensive, so you have to create them yourself with the help of alchemy. So, magic will only help us for a minute and a half, and you could not find the right part of the armor. What to do? Let’s learn how to create armor yourself.

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