Outsourcing: beyond cutting costs

Outsourcing has been a powerful resource for companies, which has allowed many of them to consolidate within the market. Recent studies by Bain & Co have shown that 1 in 10 companies have achieved steady and profitable growth thanks to their alliance or support in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), who are serving not only as a client provider, but a partner that helps achieve their goals.

Changing the worldview
Originally, outsourcing started the world of business as an attractive way to reduce costs for employees, place and time in what refers to the performance of some duties that require more dedication. It seemed that combining support to the same goals was a very interesting and human matter if we talked specifically about business. But more than supporting equally to solve problems and establish tactics, outsourcing became great midpoints to strengthen and increase to the talent inside and outside a corporation.

Thinking big
Now the main objective of the companies that hire the services of a BPO is to take advantage of the human talent, although of their location in the world, to make way for exponential growth and nourish innovative ideas to them. Having a vision outside the box generates greater expectations in terms of serving customers, launching new products or implementing a whole experience through a specific service.

Two heads are better than one
Having more eyes on the same point may seem like a bad idea when it is not done with the organization, but thanks to outsourcing this won’t be a problem, because obtaining external support, this will be much easier to identify failures and reduce risks, and more in our nowadays, where technology can give us a troublesome time if not used correctly. For example, in a factory, where the failures could be a typical problem, errors can be prevented and solved more easily thanks to the talent gathered between companies and shared services.

Innovative thinking
Another thing that outsourcing can do for any company is to develop new business models or redesign strategies over traditional ones, which translates into greater profits for the company that is allowed and higher competitiveness in the market. In addition to this, many outsourcing companies give way to another essential factor: automation. With this tool, not only processes are streamlined, but also a perfect method is achieved between companies, talent, and technology that leads to the greater achievement of the objectives.

What should you look for outsourcing?
To perform all of the aforementioned, companies must choose only those BPO partners that fully understands the business model and get extensive expertise. On the other hand, in order to develop talent through this type of service, it is important to improve the capacity of area leaders, to scale up to other positions that eventually know how to carry out operations with greater efficiency. It is also remarkable that companies have profitable global growth in emerging markets, as well as enabling frequent and rapid merger, purchase and sale transactions on a large scale, for a balanced future between outsourcing and companies.

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