Things you need to know about intelligent automation

In an era where everything that surrounds us in a daily basis is digitized, it is important to take a moment to think and consider the possibility of integrating new technologies into our work processes or as a tool to provide our clients with a better experience.
The intelligent automation is the unification of two technological concepts that have existed for a long time: artificial intelligence and automation. We find on the one hand automatic learning, recognition of language and vision; on the other hand, automation is the creation of technology and its application for control and monitoring in the operative part of a company.  

Now, it is important to consider some base points for the implementation of these technologies, according to a report made by the company SSON:

Costs: the basis for making any change in our business
The biggest doubt in this type of tool is the cost that its implementation could imply. For this, it is important to consider two important aspects: the cost of licenses, infrastructure, as well as installation and maintenance. On the other hand, we must consider the financial benefits that are obtained from the implementation, such as the reduction of costs, the increase in demand or the gains obtained from its implementation.

People: who should operate this type of technology?
There is another essential element that largely defines the decision to integrate (or not) these type of tools, the human part: the collaborators of your company. 
We could say that everything is a question of training and budget, but in this topic, the most important thing is to have the right personnel, in the right position, since a poorly implemented Intelligent Automation can generate complications with platforms, as is the case with the bots, which can cause blockages in up to 50% of operations within a company. We can not assume that the technology will do everything for us, but it is important to have the support of IT experts to achieve optimal functioning of the automation.

Improving the experience of our customers
Today, most of the clients belong to the millennial generation, who add up to a total of more than $ 200b per year and many of them (98%) use their smartphones to perform various internet transactions, such as buying and paying internet services. Faced with this reality, companies need to update their processes of relationship with users and integrate bots that improve response times and provide an immediate solution to any doubt, which can be integrated into a database that will allow us to improve the quality of our services and optimize our operations.

What should we consider before implementing this type of technology?
The first thing to consider before implementing intelligent automation is migrating most of our business processes or start doing it, for example, those related to finance, taxes, supply chains, etc. For this, you must have an IT team that knows not only how to implement these tools, but also knows how the company works.
The second is to know what to automate and what tasks we can develop on our own. We can make a balance between those activities that we can do regularly and which can be streamlined through automation.  

In conclusion, intelligent automation and human beings can coexist in favor of your business. For example, humans are more intuitive and can have greater control of unexpected situations, while technological tools support us in a matter of time and precision when processing information, as well as offering cost savings of 40 to 70%.  
After the points mentioned above, it is important to consider the great impact that this type of technology has in all industries and how their implementation can add to our efforts.

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