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Case Study: Logistics

A food distribution company employed the City Intelligence system with the objective of obtaining in real-time the most efficient route so that drivers could deliver products to the premises where their products are sold and collect materials from suppliers during the same trip.

The company has more than 75 points where its products are sold and at least 22 recurring suppliers from which they source raw materials and merchandise. At the beginning of its operation, the company did not have a wide range of products and points of sale, which meant that day-to-day logistics did not present any problems. However, in the last year, they have expanded their product line and their points of sale. This growth has caused problems in logistics, such as loss of time, higher spending on gasoline, and greater wear and tear due to vehicle use, which is reflected in higher expenses for the company, resulting in lower profitability.

The spatial data analysis provided by City Intelligence allowed them to carry out a geolocated search of the stops of interest on the route so that later, with the help of machine learning tools, they could find out which route makes the most efficient use of time, gasoline and effort in the daily collection of supplies and delivery of the product. The most convenient times to follow the route were also shown, taking into account real-time traffic and the frequency of road accidents according to the time of day.

  • The average duration of the route was reduced by 27%.
  • Gasoline expenses were reduced by 19%.
  • The distance traveled was reduced by 11%.

Using the City Intelligence system, the client can carry out a much more efficient, automated, and intelligent logistics process, determining on a daily basis the ideal route for their logistics operations and the best time to execute it.

If your business requires efficient logistics processes and route tracing, using City Intelligence you can:

– Determine the location of stops or points of interest for your route.

– Know the most convenient route to carry out your itinerary.

– Identify the time periods with the most or least road traffic, and therefore estimate the duration of the route in real-time.

– Determine the ideal time to conduct your route.

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