Developing High-Performance Organizations

Case Study: Professionalization of Growing Companies 

In order to improve energy efficiency and use of resources, a leading consulting company was interested in implementing comprehensive actions aimed at boosting its competitiveness and formalizing its institutional culture. However, given the lack of experience in the evaluation and development of organizational structures, the company decided to turn to Latin American Capital to produce the framework that would be applied.

The company stands out in Mexico for being one of the first to obtain LEED certification and for its strong commitment to sustainability and the environment. Its portfolio of services includes the development of residential and office buildings, as well as industrial and mixed-use complexes. With a view to improving reliability, it was proposed to evolve from an organization with uncompetitive behavior and processes to an institution with highly professional processes. Here the challenge consisted in assertively delving into the foundations of the institution to separate the characteristics that add value from those that can be improved, or that should definitely be eliminated.

In order to identify the current situation of the company, an in-depth analysis was carried out that revealed the needs, aspirations, organizational characteristics, areas of opportunity, and competitive advantages of the enterprise. Based on this contextual research, we proceeded to design the most appropriate organizational structure and the relevant activities that should be carried out to achieve a positive impact on the processes and workforce. Finally, the implementation plan was described in detail, outlining a critical path for the advance of the process, defining points of possible resistance, and providing evaluation tools to measure the effectiveness of progress towards institutionalization.

  • According to the initial assessment, the company’s personnel was the most important competitive advantage. However, a moderate degree of disagreement in key labor aspects was identified, such as benefits, job security, and growth schemes, which are very typical issues in small and medium-sized companies that are beginning to grow and professionalize. 
  • To solve the previous point, Job Descriptions and Profiles (DPP) were created, covering 25 positions within the company, including the respective general objectives, activities, and main lines of work.
  • A working scheme called the Professional Development Process (PDP) was also developed, which allows career progression within the organization to obtain greater benefits. 
  • In order to improve the operating procedures, the processes were migrated to a work platform that would unify the procedures while informing the development of digital databases that are more appropriate for a suitable analysis of periodic performance. 
  • In contact procedures, processes that required greater efficiency were standardized, using templates and automatic responses.
  • As a continuous evaluation tool, an external and internal feedback and communication system was implemented to measure satisfaction and identify possible improvements.

The professionalization and institutionalization of processes is often highly challenging for growing companies. Timely and assertive evaluations are needed in order to gain a full understanding of the characteristics of the company that must be preserved, improved, and eliminated. In addition, regulatory frameworks and the promotion of organizational culture must be included in the development of structures. This requires that the parties involved have specialized knowledge of the subject. In this case, LAC intervened from an early stage, with the mission of inspiring confidence in the transition process. Therefore, in spite of being confronted with various areas of improvement, the needs of the institution could be mapped and a plan prepared to bring the company closer to its final objective.

If you are interested in improving corporate structures and processes within your company, with LAC’s  operational and organizational strategies service you can:

  • Identify and evaluate in detail the impact of value drivers and areas of opportunity in your current work structure. 
  • Analyze and evaluate the current performance of each of the areas that make up your institution. 
  • Design the structural scheme and system of organizational guidelines that are perfectly suited to your company and that enable you to professionalize each of your processes.
  • Establish a framework of ideal values ​​to promote the organizational culture that brings the most benefits to your work environment.
  • Implement better technological systems to apply your company’s procedures more efficiently.

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