Transition to a Philosophy and Value Proposition in Line with a New Era

Case Study: Legal Services Firm

A law firm requested the services of LAC to drastically change the philosophy of the organization and its value proposition. From the way that the client is cared for and the structure of the company to the implementation of cutting-edge technological elements, this company sought to stand out in the sector, while at the same time transitioning to accommodate the new needs of consumers.

The objective of this company was to break with the classic customer care plan in this type of service, which had previously been based on a global standard that few competitors had dared to rethink. The firm was clear about the direction to take: they wanted to present themselves as a more humane firm, showing empathy with their clients, continuing to offer high-quality services, but more quickly and to integrate technology. All this, without affecting the professional image that is characteristic of a good law firm.

Understanding the complexity of the challenge, the team of LAC consultants chose to approach the project through the OOS service (Operational and Organizational Strategy). Therefore, LAC prepared a comprehensive analysis of two phases: Phase 1 that responded to the “what” of the project through an assessment of the current intra-company situation; and Phase 2, which focused on the “how” of the project, by turning all of the ideas shared by both the client and LAC into specific actions, which when working together, would enable the client to achieve their objective.

  • The internal multi-dimensional analysis revealed that the employees had already internalized the transformational values to an extent; therefore, the majority of the work would involve grouping and communicating these values effectively within all areas of the organization.
  • Several of the processes and tasks were not optimized to offer the best experience and there were some areas of improvement that could be remedied through reordering and the implementation of technological tools that could simplify operation.
  • The current corporate image is not consistent with the ultimate objective of transforming the firm. Therefore, within the program of changes, the proposal was made to revitalize the graphic elements.

As a result of the in-depth investigations, a new corporate identity was prepared, retaining good practices and integrating the elements that would offer a more solid and differentiated value proposition. In order to make this a reality, a series of specific improvements were brought together, from process renewal, application of software, and technological solutions, to the implementation of new intra-organizational communication guidelines. These aspects were implemented throughout the firm in planned phases that provide guidance on how to accomplish each of the actions through the different sections of the organization. 

If your objective is to optimize, reorganize or restructure the resources and components of your company, through the OOS service (Operational and Organizational Strategy) you can: 

  • Obtain an implementation plan that brings you closer to the objective of transforming your organization step by step.
  • Evaluate each business area and process to identify areas of opportunity, enhance competitive advantages and strengthen your value proposition.
  • Optimize your organizational communication to transmit exactly the values ​​and messages that you want to spread in your company, both internally and externally.
  • Professionalize your structure through the development or fine-tuning of operating and management framework.

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